Femoral Vein Blood Clot

Femoral Vein Blood Clot

Femoral Vein Blood Clot

The term femoral vein blood clot may be familiar to you if unfortunately you are of one the people who suffer from venous insufficiency. But since you are not, you are lucky. What you can only do now is to read along as the topic continues. If you are not familiar with, you should know that the chief function of this particular vein is to go back the blood that is found in the human legs to the heart. It is easy to locate it through sensing because it is not hard to find. It is just located at the groin.


As we can see, the function of this particular vein is very important. Once it is damaged, it will be a big problem to the health of the person. It is possible for the vein to get damaged because of blood clots, series of traumatic incidents and surgical complications. Those medical professionals are conscious that there are specific veins that obtain characteristic functions and determining the arrangement of the whole system of the veins as well as the capillaries is very important for them to diagnose health conditions properly.


Suppose you are a student of any medical course, you need to know things beyond what you have read earlier from this article. Here are some more important things you need to know. Since you are new to the medical world, probably this will be your first time to hear about femoral triangle. What is femoral triangle? It is a critical anatomical structure and it includes femoral vein. This vein can be found in femoral sheath all along with the artery. This kind of structure plays significant task in rendering the necessitated blood supply in the legs as well as reprocess blood before it goes back to the heart.


Furthermore, the particular vein mentioned many times in this article is the most important. As mentioned also earlier of this article, you will be facing a serious problem if this vein will get damaged. One of the possibilities that can happen in the vein of your leg is blood clotting. This is a life-threatening condition for the reason that if clot finds its way straight to your heart, it may cause a cardiac emergency. Health care professionals are the only ones who can treat occlusions badly to keep away from probable complications.


Patients who are diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis or DVT are the ones who suffer from these blood clots. This is not impossible to occur to a person who lives in an inactive lifestyle. Sitting all day and doing nothing is not good. Stretching muscles is advisable. As people age, they are prone to this kind of condition that is why everyone is suggested to make it a habit of exercising and eating healthy foods on a daily basis. And if you are going to have this kind of routine, surely you will not experience malfunctioning of your femoral vein that could result to deep vein thrombosis or suffer from blood clotting.

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Femoral Vein Blood Clot